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Wasp Control in Perryville

Although wasps are crucial to an enduring and balanced ecosystem, they can be a significant danger when they set up nests close to your home or business in Perryville. If you regularly see or hear wasps at your location, chances are they are too close for comfort. A pest control inspection from Advanced Pest Control Systems, Inc. professionals is the first step to safeguarding your Perryville property and the people on it from a potentially harmful wasp infestation.

Wasps On Your Property?

The distinctive hum of wasps that are busy at work and the presence of nests are obvious signs that wasps have set up a colony on your property. Look for ground nesting colonies that have excavated small areas of dirt or soil near to the nest entrance. Tiny holes approximately 12mm in diameter or larger on a standing structure are the indications of the presence of wasps. Wasps that have taken up permanent residence within the walls of your home or business in Perryville require immediate attention.

Professional Wasp Removal

Advanced Pest Control Systems, Inc. is experienced with controlling and removing handling several species of wasps including:

  • Wasps
  • Hornets
  • Yellow Jackets
  • Cicada Killers

Wasp Control is a Job for Professionals

In addition to potentially fatal wasp stings, wasps often nest in inconvenient locations and can cause significant property damage. An entire hive is predisposed to fiercely attack when the nest is threatened. Do not attempt to manage or remove a wasp or hornet’s nest on your own.

Our licensed and trained pest management experts know exactly where to look to identify a wasp colony that has invaded your Perryville home or commercial location and provide you with several customized methods for their eco-friendly removal.

Types of Wasps We Remove

Never attempt to remove a nest without professional assistance. Call the wasp pest control experts in Perryville for assistance.

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